Monday, May 13, 2013

The Beginning...

 Hey Guys!
Thanks for checking up on my (new) blog!
As you read in my letter, I am so excited to take a big step in
my journey of pursuing what I love to do. The opportunity I've been given
is incredible, and I'm so thankful that it's really happening for me.
With the school year coming closer to the end,  thoughts of NYC are filling my head!
I can't wait to hear it and see it all...
I'll be starting my adventure when I leave on July 13th
and will finally get to see the place I've been dreaming of for my entire life!
With this blog, you all will get to experience it with me, too!
 So make sure to keep checking back to see what's happening. 
I'll be sharing it all, from beginning to end.
From fundraising to what I'm learning.
I live in an incredible community and am surrounded by
a 'village' of such supportive people! I'm so lucky! 
With the support of my friends, family (and you), I am ready to take the leap,
go work hard, and get a taste of what being in the Theater profession is like!
Thanks for all your support.
(If you're interested in helping me out, here's the link to my Go Fund Me site!