Saturday, August 3, 2013

Catch up!

I don't even know what to say!
Where did these last two and a half weeks go? Really? 
It's weird, because they've gone by so fast, but so much has happened in that time. 

Hmm...let me back-track.
Last time I wrote I was finally starting to like it here and was excited about moving into the city for the rest of my family's stay. That weekend was incredible. I had the pleasure of going to The Plaza for tea, visiting the site of Ground Zero, getting to see my first Broadway show The Lion King, discovering Times Square, and attend Wicked at the famous Gershwin Theatre. 
*The night my mom, sister, and I went to Wicked is the first time I felt the 'magic' of the city. I was getting to see a show close to my heart on its original stage, I got to 'talk shop' with some of the cast at the stage door after the show, and filled up on some Shake Shack while feeling the energy of the city lights. I've never felt that way- EVER. I just felt alive (cheesy, but true).
The next day my dad and siblings dropped off my mom and I to the apartment we're staying at, said our goodbyes, and left for the airport. Then it was off to bed before the big day. Except, there really wasn't any sleep involved. I was terrified. 
There were few words said as we walked into the building and climbed into the elevator. We entered Ripley Grier, mama wished me luck along with a big hug, and we headed off into different directions. 
I stood in line until it was finally my turn and I stepped up to get my folder/name tag. Wait. It said I was an acting major, but I was prepared for voice (all on me...oops)! After trying to hide my freak out, they told me to attend the vocal auditions for the day and they'd figured out the rest later.
Orientation, dance call, and lunch went well, I still felt a little thrown off and uneasy. 
At the beginning of vocal auditions I was feeling confident and good, but the longer I sat there the 
confidence slowly faded away. Last to get up there, I tried not to let the nerves take over, but they did and my performance didn't go to well. Ahh. When having our student-advisor meeting I decided I didn't want to be more of an annoyance  with them having to re-vamp my whole schedule, so I just said I'd perfect my monologues that night and stay an acting major for the week. 
Long story short, the first few days were filled with numerous meltdowns and questioning if this business was for me, but everything turned around on Wednesday when I was given a new monlogue to work on with my coach and a solo in the group number for the industry showcase. I was getting the hang of things, learning lots, and making new friends! The Industry Showcase days consist of: all morning rehearsal/run through, lunch/preparation, we all gather in a large room and then the industry (top NYC casting agencies, producers, directors, etc.) arrive. We have a Q&A, a group number, and dance major combinations, then we all split off into the three assigned rooms. The panel is split up into these rooms (5-7 in each), along with about 35 kids. It takes about 2 1/2-3 hours with a 5 minute intermission. 
The showcase that Friday went really well, the group number was spot on, and I got great feedback on my monologue. After saying goodbye to many new friends, Mama and I headed off to see Phantom of the Opera! I had been waiting for forever to see it, and it was awesome!
That weekend we had family friends visit and we saw Annie. That Sunday I had a master class back at the studios then back home for a nights rest before another long week. 

This week went incredibly well. Vocal and dance auditions were great on Monday.
On Tuesday we got to see Kinky Boots!  It was AMAZING! Totally blew me away. LOVED it. 
We had a Q&A with Bilky Porter (Tony Winner) the week before and it was so fun to see him become 'Lola' on stage! His performance was stunning. 
I got to have master classes with some really incredible people: Jenn Colella, Vince di Mura, Celeste Simone, Andrea Burns, and a Q&A with Duncan Sheik! 

I learned so much this week, not only about the business and technique, 
but about what's really important
Ahh, this is so hard to explain. 
It's so easy to get lost in this business. It's easy to lose yourself, beat yourself up, 
constantly be competitive, and obviously there's much more to that. 

"You're going to get nowhere with negative thoughts. Surround the people around you with positive energy. Accept what's happening right now, you're where you're supposed to be. You have control to complete the path you want to take. Always be kind to yourself."

"Failure is 90% of success. It's okay to be afraid, but not okay to give into it. The thing getting in your way is YOU. Always be doing your best, because you never know when you're going to get the call and you need to be prepared."

I learned that its not about having the best voice or being the best dancer, 
but being able to deliver the story.
You can't let other's opinions affect you, because its not for them, it's for you. 
And that supporting the people around you, celebrating yourself, and 
Putting out a healthy/positive energy is not only what people are going to be attracted to you for, 
But will also make you feel complete/at your best.
It all comes down to just being YOU. 

I thought last week's showcase couldn't get much better, but it did.
I've got some pretty exciting things coming my way and I'm so lucky. 

I'm in love with it here and wish I never had to leave. 
Trying not to think about it...

Thanks for all the love and support!