Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"I want to be apart of it...New York, New York!"

Ahhhh....a whole other week!
I'm sorry...I really am...
The end of last week was crazy busy with me getting ready to leave and once I got here, I just got all wrapped up in things.

Anyways...I'm here!

As we flew into the city, I was filled with excitement! The images of climbing into my first taxi ride, walking down Times Square, and standing under the Broadway marquis swarmed my head and I couldn't wait to experience it all. I had dreamed of going to New York my whole life...this was HUGE! 

(Ooh how do I explain this...?) 
When we got in the car to drive to the place that we're staying in Brooklyn, my heart slowly began to drop. 
This wasn't what I imagined!
It smelled terrible, there was garbage everywhere, there were no shiny tall buildings, and 
everything was dirty. But, most importantly there wasn't the New York classiness that I've always longed for. After we rolled through all 'Stop' signs with the car doors locked while driving in the sketchiest place we'd ever seen (...and I thought my neighborhood was bad!) we finally found the place where we'd be staying for the week. What was this? It wasn't the old, cool brownstone i'd pictured. The disappointment I had, grew larger. I started to get nervous, because I didn't love it. All I could think was "Oh my gosh. What am I going to do? I've planned my whole life around this place and I don't think I could handle living here." I always knew it would obviously be way different here than in Montana, but it kind of shocked me how different it really is. For the first few days I was here, I was really confused. It was a lot to wrap my mind around.  But, during those first few days I had only been in Brooklyn and the Bronx. I'd only seen the city skyline, but hadn't been in it yet. With what Brooklyn and the Bronx had to offer, I put it under Manhattan too. On Tuesday we hopped on the subway to Manhattan, feeling a little bit better, I wasn't expecting much, but still was hoping it may be different then Brooklyn, etc. When I walked up the stairs and onto the sidewalk, my breath was taken away. YES! This was the New York i'd always imagined. Central park was right there, the architecture was stunning, people were buzzing, the little shops and cafes were booming, etc! It was beautiful. Even though I only got to enjoy it for a few minutes before we hopped back on the subway, it took a huge weight of my shoulders and planted a seed of excitement/eagerness inside of me. Now all I can think about is what I get to go back to tomorrow, and where we'll be staying for the rest of the week 
Ahh! I'm so excited, I don't think i'll be able to sleep! 

We'll be staying in the city until my family (Dad & siblings) leaves my mom and I behind. Once they leave, my mom and I will go back to Brooklyn where we'll be staying for the next three weeks
 (different apartment/whole different area than where we're staying now- thank goodness)!
Then it is only the next morning that i'll be heading off to start my first day of class. EEK! I'm getting so so nervous, that sometimes I have to put in my headphones and listen to some Bernadette Peters to calm me down. Haha!  
Right now, they're holding the Alumni session, so it's been fun to follow them (Broadway Artist Alliance) on twitter, facebook, etc. and get a glimpse of what i'll be joining in on next week! It's going to be an amazing experience and I can't wait to be apart of it. Meanwhile, i'm constantly listening and practicing the songs that I'll have to show on the first day I get there.

Sorry again for the late update!
Hope all of you are doing well and are enjoying your break.
It may be summer, but I have to be up at 5a.m. to head into the city for some sightseeing (much better than waking for school)! 

Thank you so much for your support!

PS: A few days ago I had to turn in what I want to have labeled on my headshot and resume. For the past few months I've been going back and forth on whether I want to be "Olivia Longin" or "Liv Longin". 
I finally went with what my gut was telling me and 
officially am/will be in the future "Liv Longin". 
I think it's a good 'stage name'- has a nice ring to it!
What do you think?

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