Monday, July 8, 2013

My Fundraiser

Two and a half weeks since I wrote my last post? Where did that time go?!
June really flew by and writing posts escaped me, but i'm back!
A HUGE thank you to all of the people who came and supported me at my fundraiser!
All the hard work put into the event was totally worth getting to see so many familiar faces and it was really special knowing they were all there to support me.
The nachos were a good idea (and super yummy)! 
We had a Broadway themed dessert table with cupcakes that my mom and I made
and New York Cheesecake, of course!
Some of the faces I was so excited to see that night:

 ....and many more!
Thank you to these guys and dolls for helping set up, serve, take down, etc...
My cousin Kaylen and her friend Mari came from Missoula to play during the event.
They were a HIT! Everybody loved listening to them.
This was when Kaylen was playing Defying Gravity from "Wicked" for me
and she sounded amazing. I love her so much!
Check their album out on iTunes under "Baby and Bukowski"- you'll be so glad you did!
HUGE thank you to my amazing Mama!
None of this would have been possible without her positive energy, hard work, and
great amount of love.
Overall it was a great night and something i'll remember for forever!
If you weren't able to make it to my event, but would still like to donate, you can here:
The fundraiser brought me so so so so close to my goal and it would be incredible if I could reach it!
Thank you all again for your support, it means so much!
6 more days until NYC! ..........Wait.......What?
Obviously, it hasn't hit me yet.
Today i'll be busy practicing my music and monologues that I have to have prepared when I get to my intensive. I'll tell you more about those tomorrow...

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