Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Music Choices

"Tomorrow" as in two days later...sorry!
I've been asked numerous times if I have to take anything to the camp to perform,
and yes I do!
Each week I'm there, I have a certain major that i'll be working on. My first week will be voice, my second Acting, and my third voice, again. I have to have two 32-Measure prepared, contrasting songs per voice major (4 songs total) and two monologues per acting major (1 dramatic & 1 comedic).  
They make it very clear that picking music that isn't overdone, is in your best interest.
For example: You wouldn't want to sing "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, because casting agencies, directors, etc. have seen 800 girls sing it, making it harder to stand out.
Feeling the pressure of choosing not only music that I would connect to, but also ones that I have rarely heard, was really stressful. Especially, coming from Montana where nobody knows what Thoroughly Modern Millie is and in New York everybody's sick of listening to it.
After days of searching and listening to songs i've never heard and learning about different shows, I finally decided on my four pieces.
1. One Night with You- All Shook Up
I was apart of this show my Freshman year and loved it!
It has such a fun vibe!
2. Disneyland- Smile
I had never heard of this show before, until my friend from NY reccomended it.
I'm glad he did! This show 'Smile' only was on Broadway for 48 days, turning out to be a total flop. This made it really hard to find the sheet music to the song, which almost made me unable to do it. I luckily ran by a book that had this song in it, and snatched it up right away. I really wanted to do this piece, because it's really great to act to.
3. I Get a Kick out of You- Anything Goes
Sutton Foster is one of my greatest idols! She is fabulous!
I mean who doesn't love this song?
It's so classy and flirtsy.
LOVE it.
4. Whispering- Spring Awakening
I had heard of Spring Awakening, but never really checked into what it was about.
I'll let you look it up on your own...
It's really interesting and the music is beautiful.
I didn't originally plan to do this song, until I randomly showed it to my voice teacher.
I had listened to it, but quickly erased it from the list, due to it not being my usual type of song choice. I tend to lean towards the 'cutesy/flirtsy' pieces, not the dark/emotional ones.
At first, I didn't agree with her that it was  definetly one to be done, but after looking up what the show is about and listening to it over repeatedly, I fell in love with it.
It's been a challenge for me, with having to dig down deep inside myself and find that emotional side.
Singing it is so...( I don't even know how to explain it).
It's beautiful and it's probably my favorite.
Overall, I'm really really happy with my choices and
look forward to getting critique on how to make them better!
Thank you for following my journey and for all of your support!

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